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November through December – 2017 …at the Museum

Memories made in moments best told in pictures… Special thanks to all those involved who gave of their time and talents!

November 2017

Thursday, November 2nd –Durham Region Ontario Homeschoolers Group
A Program for 5 to 10 year old was presented by Monica Effenberger to 20 children and 10 Adults assisted by volunteers: Barb Haug, Jennifer Dunn and Susan Pleasance. This was the first Ontario Trillium Foundation SEED GRANT Booking that qualifies for our goal of bringing 1500 students to participate in the Seniors to Students Heritage Project by September 2018.

Warren General Store

Warren General Store at Lynde House Museum opens this month for the first time. Many fine works by local artists and artisans are on display. It will take awhile for the word to get out, so far those who come to the museum are enjoying the displays and are purchasing items. In many cases these are one of a kind gift items.

Friday, November 3, Durham Community Foundation’s Random Act of Kindness Day (RAK Day)

Along with other community organizations in Durham Region, Lynde House Museum participated in Random Act of Kindness Day originated by the Durham Community Foundation in 2014.  Visitors to the museum were offered a surprise up of tea and a snack by Barb Auchterlonie and Trina Astor-Stewart who manned the museum for RAK Day.  WHS was also given a surprise Random Act of Kindness, in the form of a donation by a museum visitor; one item, a silver cake server and knife were later polished by Gunda Anderson and used in the Victorian Christmas Wedding Theme décor. A DCF representative also called in to see how the RAK day was going at the museum. All in all it was a day filled with kind deeds.

Also on November 3rd, a Lynde family descendant paid a surprise visit to the museum and was quite impressed, he said, “You can be sure I will bring some family members…this is our heritage… we need to spend a whole day here!”

Christmas Wedding Table

Tuesday, November 7th. Christmas Decorating Begins at Museum – Christmas at Lynde House Museum & Warren General Store 2017 – This year’s theme was ‘A Victorian Christmas Wedding’ – This went along with the Live History Training and Round Table Show Event later in the month. The team and those helping consisted of: Carolyn Johnson; Sharon Heinrich; Joany Burtinsky; Rod and Ada Angevaare; Joel McLellan and David; Al and Mavis Mawby; Linda Calder; Audrey Atkinson; Klaus Effenberger; Monica Effenberger; Trina Astor-Stewart; and Town of Whitby (Michael Kuchera and Crew – put planters together, Greg Lepine – Hanging wreaths on the front of the house). Tulle was added to last year’s decorations for the Lynde House staircase, wedding bouquets, bridal veil, gown set up for ‘Bride’s Room, and the faux Victorian Wedding Cake for the Dinning Room table. Victorian Wedding cake loaned to the museum until January by Cordon Sue Sweets.

Friday, November 17th Evening-Volunteers participated in the Downtown Shop Late Shop Local Event organized by the BIA. Halima Bacchus, Diane Carson and Monica Effenberger dressed up in costume and handed out materials for the museum and for the BIA at downtown shops.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant Award

Many thanks to the Government of Ontario for funding through Ontario Trillium Foundation for a Seed Grant in the amount of $55,500. Ontario Trillium Foundation towards the educational project entitled, Seniors to Students Heritage Project.

Ontario Trillium Foundation

The week of November 21 to 25th included the Seniors to Students Heritage Project Training Week as included in the OTF Grant referred to as: “Train volunteers to act as interpretive elders-guides-theatrical presenters during classroom visits.” Volunteers were involved in the training as well as the showcasing of the training by participating in immersive and interpretive living enactments as led by Live History Shows.

Panorama of OTF Event

Jasmine Bowen acts as Emcee

Stacey Berry and Trina Astor-Stewart

OTF Presentation

Kathy Beattie

Ontario Trillium Foundation Recognition Event – November 24th – Program Agenda and Speakers:

Venue: Warren General Store (adjacent to Lynde House)

Photographs: Breck Stewart, Secretary – Treasurer.

1. Introductions and Welcome:

Jasmine Bowen, Live History Founder-Performer

and Ian Gillies, Live History Performer. Emcee for Event.

2. Stacey Berry, Constituency Manager, attended on behalf of Celina Caesar-Chavannes MP for Whitby, presents a congratulatory certificate

-Trina Astor-Stewart, Executive Director accepts on behalf of Whitby Historical Society.

3. John Stafford, Chair of Ontario Trillium Foundation local Grant Review Team said a few words of congratulation saying, “The content of the grant, Seniors to Students Heritage POroject, is close to my heart. I can see how the experiene of seniors will broaden the value of the educational program for school students visiting Lynde House Museum. This approach will bring culture to life for the students.”

Mr. Stafford presented the Society with an Ontario Trillium Foundation plaque along with Kathy Beattie – Representative for Mr. Lorne Coe, MPP Whitby -Oshawa to the Society President, David Chambers.

OTF Presentation

4. Kathy Beattie who attended the event on behalf of Lorne Coe, MPP for Whitby-Oshawa offered congratualtions to the Society for obtaining the OTF Seed Grant. Kathy related also that, “MPP Coe has very much enjoyed his visits to the museum during a couple of events he attended here earlier this fall. I am sure he will watch the ongoing development of the museum outreach with anticipation.”


Mayor Don Mitchell - Whitby

5. Mayor, Don Mitchell -Town of Whitby – Offered short remarks about how happy he is to see Lynde House Museum growing as much as it has in such a short time. He congratulated the Society for obtaining the OTF Grant and also presented congratulation to the Whitby Historical Society’s in honour of its Fiftieth Anniversary. David Chambers, President, accepted the award. Mayor Mitchell also commented on how much Mr. Chambers has contributed to the museum under his leadership.

WHS 50th Anniversary Congratulations

David Chambers, responded on behalf of Whitby Historical Society and thanked everyone who had participated in the museum’s success to this point. He mentioned the dedication and steadfastness of those who had supported him as President.

Breck Stewart, Secretary-Treasurer

UOIT Representative

7. Alan Breck Stewart, Secretary Treasurer, offered Acknowledgments and Thanks on behalf of the Board of Directors to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the Grant and expressed how much this funding would mean to the project.

Breck mentioned, “People have vision and ideas and this is wonderful, but without the funding and people to implement projects they can’t begin to be fulfilled.”

8. Maya Staresinic, Research Assistant, attending the event as a Representative of  UOIT – gave a short talk about the Importance of History in Education.

She stated, “Understanding history has played a role in my life and I know that what students will learn here will have an impact on their understanding of heritage and how it provides a sense of stability in the lives of children and youth.”

Crowd Clapping

Trina Astor-Stewart, Executive Director, spoke briefly about the Seniors to Students Heritage Project and her consultations with Peter Hoppe of Fundamentals that were instrumental in writing the proposal to OTF. “Retirement.” she said, “… is a time when seniors seek to use many of the talents and skills they’ve developed during their careers. The museum is more like a community hub than what people think of as a ‘museum’; here volunteers are stretched and do meaningful things that not only bring joy to their own lives but impart their expertise to the next generation.” Trina also thanked all of the volunteers who have supported the museum with their time this year. “It takes everyone, moving forward achieving a little more each day, she says, and I would also like to thank our curator, Monica Effenberger for working with me in her calm and capable way, we have all done a lot together!”

Trina then led the guests into Lynde House where costumed volunteers were ready to greet them and showcase some of what they had learned in the previous days that week during the interpretive training workshops held with Live History Shows. Live History performers also gave a synopsis performance of the Round Table, written by Jeremy Jagusch. In addition to the original script, parts were written using actual history of Lynde House and were performed by museum volunteers.

Guests were invited to take part in a small luncheon after the tour. Victorian Inspired fare was offered. Many thanks to the volunteer Hostess Team. Miniature cupcakes with rose top icing were purchased from Cordon Sue Sweets and scones came from the Village Bakery, both in Whitby.

Round Table Poster

The Week-long Schedule of Events

Monday, November 20th, Actors arrive -evening practice and set up
Tuesday, November 21, Live History Volunteer Training 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Wednesday, November 22, Live History Volunteer Training 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday, November 23rd, Live History – Round Table – with senior volunteer participation – rehearsal for OTF Event
Friday, November 24th, Ontario Trillium Foundation Celebration and Recognition Event.
Saturday, November 25th, Live History, Round Table Interpretive Theatre presentations.

Special thanks for the funding to make this week possible are: Ontario Trillium Foundation and Delta Bingo

Performances at Lynde House Museum of  THE ROUND TABLE

…the World Premiere!

Scene during play

Jasmine Bowen

Jasmine Bowen

Jasmine Bowen Live History

ROUND TABLE, by: Live History Shows – Performer Credits:

Jasmine Bowen (Kay)  -Jasmine Bowen is the founder of Live History, (Live History was on the Governor Generals Short list Award for 2017)  a dream that grew out of her love of history, museums, and theatre. Since 2015, Jasmine has toured with the company across 6 countries, performing hundreds of shows customized to local history. Jasmine has a BA in Theatre from the University of Toronto. Other site specific credits include The Loyalists (Canstage/Single Thread), A Streetcar Named Desire (Studio BLR), Front Gate (Canada’s Wonderland), and The Preacher and the Leading Lady (Classic Theatre Festival). Jasmine has also worked in film, television, commercials and stage theatre over her 20 year performance career.

Josh and Jeremy

Joshua Kitz

Joshua and Jasmine

Joshua Kitz ‎ (Show Designer/Butler 1)  -Joshua Kitz ‎is the show designer for Live History. Joshua designs all the clues, missions, quests for the shows and customizes them to fit each venue. He draws on his background in game design for this task, both professionally and from a life long interest at a young age. Joshua’s game design resume includes simulation games for university and college students (Experiential Simulations), as well as a superhero roleplaying game (Compose Dream Games). Joshua has a Bachelors in City Studies from the University of Toronto and a Masters in Spatial Analysis from Ryerson University.

Jeremy Jagusch

Jeremy Jagusch (Writer/Butler 2)  -Jeremy is the head writer for all of Live History’s scripts. Jeremy is responsible for customizing each script to the historical content of the venue.  Working on his craft for more than twenty years, Jeremy attended film school at The Toronto Film School.  After writing and producing several short films and commercials, (The Package, Duck Test) he was drafted to write for Live History. As much as he enjoys writing for film and stage, he found the challenge of writing immersive customizable theater incredibly rewarding. He finds it is a unique medium that offers one of a kind experiences that can’t be replicated in film or traditional stage settings.  ‎In 2017, Jeremy wrote and produced ‘The Last Voyage’, a site specific piece on a pirate ship as it toured the Toronto harbour.

Sarah Kern - Ian Gillies

Through the Lynde House window

Ian Gillies

Ian Gillies (William Warren)a character specific to Lynde family history.  -Ian Gillies is a touring lead for Live History. Over the 2017 season, Ian has given many historic personalities back their voice, including Lt-Col John Macdonell at the  siege of Detroit (Fort Malden) and Art Carr, famed newspaper editor (Palmerston Railway).  ‎ When not performing site specifically, Ian has a host of stage credits, including The Three Musketeers, A Year in the Death of Eddie Jester and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Ian has a degree from Carelton University. In 2018, he will tour across Ontario and the East Coast with Live History.

Sarah Kern

Sarah Kern and Ian Gillies

Sarah Kern

Sarah Kern (Clarissa Lynde Warren) a character specific to the Lynde family. – Sarah is delighted to be taking part in her first Live History show. Sarah graduated from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College obtaining an HBA and a Diploma in Acting in 2016. Her credits include Masha, The Seagull; Susie Friend, Uncommon Women and Others; and Achilles, Troilus and Cressida (Theatre Erindale).

The Round Table Play – had a surprise ending with characters added to the play – below, David Chambers plays the role of the minister. 

Ceremony during Play

Guests and Performers alike had a great time. Every performance was unique due to the interactive and immersive elements of the Play

Wedding ceremony laughter

Above Ed Campbell plays the part of the minister… if you can’ t have a little fun well… Wish I knew what is was that cracked them up so I could quote it here.

Clarissa and William Warren

Sarah Kern as Clarissa Lynde Warren and Ian Gilliles as William Warren cut the cake at the end of the performance, what characters!

Wedding Fruitcake

Gluten Free & Vegan Fruitcake


A variety of foods were served inspired by traditional Victorian Tea Fare. Also, to accomodate various dietary restrictions, as well as serving traditional foods, gluten free, peanut and tree-nut free as well as vegan foods were offered. When serving, the ‘free’ -foods were placed on glass dishes and the regular on opaque china dishes, so that with a minimum of instruction, those at each performance would know which foods were safe for them. Faux champagne (flavored mineral water) was also served as well as tea. Guests had only good comments after the play on all fronts, including the food!

In Kitchen

Carolyn Johnson is shown above in costume after positioning one of the food courses ready for the butlers to attend table.

Guests during show

A peak through the doorway into the Dining Room where up to 12 guests were seated for The Round Table immersive play by Live History Shows. Everyone says we must do this again, it was so much fun and even with 8 shows, a lot of people missed it and have commented they would lile to attend next time.

Minister waits for Bride and Groom

Guests wait for Ceremony

David Chambers, on the left, waits in the Parlor for the Bride; ‘Clarissa Lynde’ to “float down the stairs” as Sybil C. Lynde Stirling puts it in her book, “To A House In Whitby.” In the photograph on the right, guests in the audience are engaged in listening to the Wedding Ceremony being performed… what could be the reason for the questioning look on everyone’s faces. To find out the plot twists and turns, you will just have to attend the next performance!


Sunday morning Nov 26th – VON Brunch Presentation ‘Nursing in the Victorian Era’ – a presentation at Carruthers Creek given by Trina Astor-Stewart. Mayor Don Mitchell was in attendance.

Special thanks to VON members, Joyce Marshall and Barb Haug for helpful material for the presentation.

Monday, Nov 27th Tour for visitors from Connecticut – Clarissa Woodruff Lynde’s parents were from the same place, Farmington, Connecticut.

A connection is being made through these visitors to connect the travels of the Hawkins Woodruffs -parents of  Clarissa Lynde, wife of Jabez Lynde.


Thursday, November 30th, Whitby Historical Society AGM – Volunteer Social and Pot Luck Lunch. Many thanks to all those who brought the fantastic food! Monica Effenberger and team managed to set up the room for the most number of people seated for an event so far.

David Chambers was presented with a gift on behalf of the WHS Board and volunteers for his many years of service to the Society by Trina Astor-Stewart, “You are now our immediate past president and we will all look to you for advice and help from time to time to draw on your experience. On behalf of everyone here, we sincerely wish your health improves. Please always think of the museum as ‘your second home’ and come as often as you are able.” David graciously accepted the gift of a crystal decanter and thanked the volunteers and said he hopes to be at the museum for various functions and will be happy to lend advice when needed.

The Whitby Historical Society Board of Directors for 2018 now consists of:

Roderick Angevaare, Interim President; Monica Lawlor, Vice President; Alan Breck Stewart, Secretary Treasurer; Linda Calder, Director; Ed Campbell, Director; Brian Seale, Director.

December 2017

Unpacking ArtifactsFriday, December 1st – Wedding photographs in Warren General Store and Lynde House.

Several donations were received in December. Recording items on the Intake Forms is important to keep track of new donations in the files for cataloguing reports and in order to do research of the fair market value in order to issue tax receipts to donors when requested. Trina is seen on the right unpacking some of the items. The museum accepts items in several categories. Artifacts, Display, Teaching and Art purposes. 

Saturday, December 2nd Christmas Event – Shopping at Warren General Store after Santa Claus Parade. Hot chocolate and goodies were available afterwards as well as tours. Volunteers also participated with the BIA downtown. It is suggested that volunteers participate in a float with the BIA next year. Many thanks to participants; Joany Burtinsky, Carolyn Johnson, Ed Campbell, Joany Burtinsky, Rod Angevaare, Ed Campbell, Mary Prettie-Elliot, Sharon Heinrich, Gwen Tuinman and Monica Effenberger.

Monday. December 4th -Girl Guides Tour: 6:15 – 8:00pm – Fifteen girls and their leaders were given a tour and talk by Monica Effenberger assisted by Joany Burtinsky.

Tuesday December 5, 7:30 am DCF Community Breakfast at Deer Creek was attended by Gwen Tuinman on behalf of Whitby Historical Society. The purpose of the breakfast was to showcase the impact of DCF donors, stakeholders, supporters and community leaders.

Friday, December 8th – Candlelight Museum Tour with Live Music by Anna Knutel – 16 visitors enjoyed the musical evening which was organized by Monica Effenberger.
Saturday, December 9th Pre- Christmas Tours and Shopping at Warren General Store. Yule-Tide around the world in the Victorian Era crafts were enjoyed by visiting children and parents assisted by Monica Effenberger, Ed Campbell and Jean Preston

Incoming WHS President, Rod Angevaare and Vice President Monica Lawlor,  thanked all the volunteers for their efforts in 2017.

Mitchell Daniels and Faith Bowe SingingFriday, December 15th –Christmas Evening Tour – with theatrical interpretive by Mitchell Daniel and Faith Bowe and well as a Christmas Carole sing-a-long led by Mitchell Daniels. Volunteers participating in costume: Mary Prettie Elliott, Barb Haug, Sharon Heinrich and Trina Astor Stewart. Groups were greeted in the Warren General Store and offered hot chocolate and goodies by Rod Angevaare and Monica Effenberger. Two tours were conducted for a total of 22 people, which was great for such a snowy evening. Everyone commented on the performances given by Mitchell and Faith.

Saturday, December 16, Christmas Shopping at Warren General Store. Mary Prettie-Elliott organized a food donation box which was readily filled by volunteers and museum visitors. Thank you Mary! Tuesday, December 19th – 10:30 AM – PAIL Network- ‘Pregnancy and Infant Loss’ Div. of Sunnybrook Hospital booked a Tour and Tea for six people. Monica Effenberger, Susan Smith, and Rod Angevaare hosted the tea.

Barb Haug and Mary Prettie-Elliott take a break in-between giving visitors interpretive candlelight tours. Friday, December 22nd Evening – Twinkle Twinkle little star… Last Candlelight Tour Friday night of Lynde House Museum before Christmas. 

A Taste of Christmas Decor at Lynde House Museum

Warren General Store

View of the interior of the Warren General Store  – The silver set with candelabra were a recent donation among other things received in December and put right on display…  Thank you for thinking of the museum.


View from the downstairs front hallway looking into the Music Room

Dining Room

The Dining Room table, set this year to go along with the Victorian Christmas Wedding Theme. Cake on loan from Cordon Sue Sweets, thanks Sue! The theme was chosen to compliment Clarissa Lynde’s marriage to William Warren. Clarissa was a daughter of Jabez and Clarissa Lynde. William Warren operated the Warren General Store and Post Office with his brother John Borlase Warren after immigrating from Cork, Ireland before becoming Whitby’s Harbormaster. J.B. Warren was Whitby Township’s first Postmaster.

Hatch House Sofa

The cream coloured Hatch House Sofa donated by a Lynde decendant as shown in the Parlor

Merry Christmas

2017 was a wonderful year at Lynde House Museum & Warren General Store with many events and achievements. The museum is growing and becoming an active part of cultural life in Whitby, Durham Region and beyond.

Many thanks to all who have visited, supported the museum and participated -everyone makes a difference.

Over 2700 visitors came to Lynde House in 2017.