Lynde House Museum

& Warren General Store
900 Brock Street South
Whitby, ON L1N 4L6 

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Lynde House – An Accessible Museum on the main floors of two buildings

Lynde House Museum (at 910 Brock Street South) & Warren General Store (next door at 900 Brock Street South) are pleased to offer you an accessible museum.

The Warren General Store, which is where people enter the museum, is located just off the parking lot. It is accessible on the ground floor and is equiped with two wheelchair accessible restrooms. There is a baby change station in the one on the east side of the building.

The WGS decor and function is inspired by the look and feel of an old fashioned general store and post office in honour of Whitby’s first Postmaster, John Borlase Warren who opened the first post office in his general store along with his brother William Warren. The Warrens immigrated from County Cork, Ireland and each married a daughter of Jabez and Clarissa Lynde. Mrs. John Borlase Warren was Louisa Lynde Warren and Mrs. William Warren was Clarissa Lynde Warren.

The Warren General Store has displays of goods for sale by local artists and artisans. The sale of these items helps to fund the operatons of the museum. Events are also held in this space such as presentations, school programs, and an occasional small Victorian Tea. The 1860’s dining room table that is central to the room can allow for someone in a wheel chair to sit comfortably and have a cup of tea…  advance notice is required to arrange for a tea, unless advertised as a special event on our events schedule page.

Located inside the Warren General Store near the entrance is a Defibrulator. Some first aid supplies are also available, however in the case of any incident or emergency it is the policy of the museum to immediately phone 911. Tours are always accompanied by staff or volunteers. In the case of tours where a large number of people attend, there is a volunteer in each area who can let the office know to call for help.

At  Lynde House itself, the rear entrance is wheel chair accessible, we use that entrance a lot ourselves as it is so convenient. The four main rooms downstairs, are also accessible. There are two flights of stairs leading to the upper floor, these must be navigated by walking. We don’t have provisions in place to bring anyone up or down at the current time. The stairs are wide and have hand rails, -the back stairway is equipped with two handrails.

Entrances and Walkways:  Outside both buildings there are wheel chair accessible walkways leading to all the entrances. The  front entrance to Lynde House is not wheel chair accessible due to the original verandah. The stairs however, are new and secure with a new handrail that makes it easy to climb up the only three or four short steps to the verandah entrance.

The WGS entrance nearest to the Brock Street side (no parking) is convenient to the bus stop. This entrance is closed at all times unless there is an event that requires it and there are plenty of staff and volunteers in attendance. Otherwise, the main entrance is from the Parking Lot side of the building.

Parking: There is a free parking lot off of Burns Street at the rear of the museum buildings.  This lot is shared with the Centennial Children’s Park located next to the museum. A handicap space is provided – please note that currently, due to re-surfacing, it will be marked this coming spring when the paint will dry easily. 

Cars, vans or buses can also pull up right at the WGS Door entrance from the parking lot to allow anyone who would like to disembark and not have to walk too far, to be dropped off. 

If you have special needs that we can help with, please ask, we are always happy to help. Please email or phone ahead to make your museum visit the best possible.

There are a number of very accessible restaurants and eateries in the area as well as lodging and other ammenities.